How do you create a memorable brand experience? How do you take a special event and turn it into a story you can relive for years to come? How do you, the artists, the makers, and the small business owners, have a voice that stands out?

You work with a team of creatives – artisans, artists, musicians, business owners, and strategists – who put their talents together to produce creative assets for awesome brands, events, companies, and people just like you.

We’re visual storytellers, each in our own way. Together, we get down to the essence of your story and help you find your voice.

Your story needs to be told. Your voice needs to be heard. We want to do that for you.



Join us for a deep discussion about your brand design and messaging, product styling, social media strategy, website planning or whatever else you really want to ask us about. You’ll leave Studio688 with a clear idea of how to take your business to the next level.



Every experience with your company counts. Every word, image, and pixel should resonate with your customers. The Studio688 team works with passionate people to create images styled just for you, memorable videos where every word and musical note is chosen with care, and visual identities that go far beyond a logo.



You have the perfect event in mind, but how do you actually make it happen? How do you remember the most meaningful moments for years to come? Our team will work with you to style your event, and document all the smiles, handshakes, and great expressions through storytelling video and photography.

Each of us does our own thing, because we love being our own boss. But sometimes an occasion like yours calls for some magical collaboration.

Inspiration Sessions, creatives services, and making your events memorable are completely customizable to your needs and investment abilities. For that reason, we ask that you share some information with us using the form below.

Then, we’ll start the process of providing you with a custom quote, introduce you to your very own Studio688 team, and get started doing some pretty special stuff with you.

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