Tara Skelley (left) and Lisa Mac (right) in Dilettante Collection's Spring 2015 signature print.

Dilettante Collection’s Tara Skelley (left) and Lisa Mac (right) in Dilettante’s Spring 2015 signature print.

Each season, Studio688 member and Dilettante Collection designer, Tara Skelley, seeks to make hand-drawn prints staples of her collection. In her spring 2014 collection, Tara’s signature print was a “bold, tropical print.”

This year, she envisioned a very different color palette, consisting of subtle, feminine hues – pinks and purples, with a hint of cool, muted earth tones. As she did last year, Tara took paintbrush to canvas and started work on several interpretations of her vision.

The products of Tara's brainstorming painting sessions.

The products of Tara’s brainstorming painting sessions.

After completing her inspiration prints, Tara approached Studio688 founder, Lisa Mac with a request – to turn one of these rectangular painted pieces into something that could be made into yards of fabric. Tara hoped Lisa (whose one of many talents is photography) could make this happen in Photoshop, the photo editing program Lisa calls, “her jam.”

However, despite Lisa’s Photoshop expertise, there was one challenge she encountered after scanning Tara’s chosen print into the program – how to make the pattern “continuous” across a virtually endless length of fabric.

Lisa explained, “Photoshop usually works with square images. We needed to find a way to make this a continuous image that would stretch beyond the confines of a square.”

Through a little trial and error, Lisa found a way to cut, crop, and flip the pattern to make it beautifully and seamlessly continuous.

An up-close-and-personal view of Tara and Lisa's custom fabric, Dilettante's signature print for its spring 2015 line.

An up-close-and-personal view of Tara and Lisa’s custom fabric, Dilettante’s signature print for its spring 2015 line.

“This fabric, with it’s abstract, watercolor, painted feel, brings together all the tones of the Spring line,” said Tara. “I very much hope to do this again,” she continued.

However according to Tara and Lisa, future L.Mac/T. Skelley collaborations could include more than fabric creation. “We could potentially collaborate on photography backdrops for shows,” said Lisa. “Oh, it would be so cool to create paintings, convert them to fabrics using Photoshop, and have models wearing these pieces in an art gallery setting (standing near their piece’s inspiration paintings),” said Tara.

Tara and Lisa’s takeaways from this experience? “This technique gives us unlimited possibilities,” said Lisa.

Tara summarized the whole endeavor. “Art is not limited to a canvas.”

Lisa Mac

Lisa Mac

Tara Skelley and Lisa Mac

Tara Skelley and Lisa Mac

To learn more about Tara Skelley’s Dilettante Collection, visit her site. Discover more about the multitalented, Lisa Mac at ItsLisaMac.com.

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