Studio688 member and owner, videographer, and creative director of Twenty-Two Magnolias Productions, Shelby Wilson is already a 21-year videography veteran.

Born and raised in the Memphis-area, Shelby grew up with a video camera in her hands. Read on to find out how this lifelong lover of filmmaking got into the business of documenting the most important days in couples’ lives.

A Bit About Shelby

Shelby Headshot

Twenty-Two Magnolias‘ Shelby Wilson. Photo by Lisa Mac.

I fell in love with videography at a very young age. I was born and raised in Memphis, where I spent a great deal of time making movies with my parents’ video camera. Even though these are extremely embarrassing for me to watch now, this sparked a passion that stuck with me. This passion led to me being involved in video production in high school (Arlington High School) and to majoring in video production in college.

Initially, I struggled to fully commit to this major because so many people told me it’s a hard field to get a steady job in, and they’re right. The film industry is a very tough one to break into. However, I decided I’d rather major in something I enjoyed than spend 4 years taking classes and being miserable, just for the sake of getting a degree. I obtained my Bachelor’s of Arts in Film and Video Production from the University of Memphis in December 2013.

The Making of Twenty-Two Magnolias Productions

During college, one of my good friends asked me to film her wedding. At that time, I had never shot a wedding before, so I was nervous, to say the least. After doing her wedding (and making a whole lot of mistakes), I realized this would be a pretty fun way to make some money. I did some research and was like…wait, people do this for a living?

I reached out to some local videographers, and spent a few years working as a second shooter before branching out and filming weddings solo. At that point, that mainly just involved filming the weddings of friends’ or friends-of-friends. Then, I never had intentions of this being my full-time business. I think part of that was due to not feeling confident that I could be a “business owner.” I didn’t take any business classes in college and didn’t know the first thing about what it took to start an actual business.

Shelby and Jon

Shelby and fellow wedding videographer, Jon Sharman working at the Stuio688 conference table. Photo by Keegan Eyler.

After college, I began to realize that almost anyone (myself included) would dream of being their own boss. If I was going to make this happen and if I had a knack for something, I was just going to have to learn as I went. I’m still doing that to this day. I think any business owner would agree that you continue learning as your business grows.

Thankfully, I have some great mentors and amazing parents who are very encouraging of me. I’m still not where I’d like to be, but, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m in a great place with Twenty-Two Magnolias, especially after doing this for only two years. I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in, say, five years.

By the way, I named the business “Twenty-Two Magnolias” because I was 22 years old when I started the business, and I love magnolia trees.

Shelby at BCSC Shoot

Shelby working at a video shoot at Studio688. Photo by Keegan Eyler.

To learn more about Shelby and Twenty-Two Magnolias visit

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