Caitlin Horton here with a recap of September’s Freelance Spark event and an invitation to join us next month for “Make Your Contract Your Best Business Ally” on October 7th.

September’s Spark event was all about hooking clients with an authentic story. Our very lively discussion revolved around expressing what we do in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. We helped each other identify jargon and worked on rephrasing the way we talk about our craft so that our clients can better understand.


Creating a single statement of purpose isn’t always easy for multi-talented freelancers such as ourselves! Designer and photographer Khara Woods started work on her statement of purpose at Spark, and finished it up a few days later after continuing to refine and simplify it. And here it is!


One of the best parts of the night was asking ourselves what our customer thinks they need versus what they actually need. Since we all do slightly different things for different types of clients, it was really great to hear what other freelancers didn’t quite understand about what we do. A great example of rephrasing jargon for customers is how to describe “responsive” websites:

Here are a few more great statements of purpose that came out of Spark:




MainStream Images, the photographer behind the images shared here, was ready to take some action after Spark! There’s not much more I could say to convince you to join us next month than this:


PS: If you’d like to have this same type of clarity around who you are and what you do, get a ticket for my Total About Page Makeover Workshop. If you come to that on September 14th, you will leave with an About Page that feels like you and speaks to your potential clients and customers.


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