Jeremy Harris, owner/founder of local Reverb Coffee Company, lead an open coffee demonstration and tasting at Studio688. It was a very cold afternoon that was just perfect for hot coffee. Visitors at Studio688 got to enjoy the full experience of Reverb Coffee Company as Jeremy introduced us to several techniques to brew coffee for optimal taste and fullness.

The beans are locally roasted, with a wide variety of quality flavors. The rich aroma and wonderful caffeine boost is simply a byproduct of Jeremy’s vision. The goal for Reverb Coffee is to bridge a gap in the coffee industry, to enhance the overall coffee experience, and to eventually become involved with coffee farms in foreign countries. Reverb’s goal is to help establish orphanages, churches, community centers, and more.

Check out the video below (courtesy of Keegan Eyler Photography) and plan to join us next time Jeremy pops in!

Find out more about Reverb Coffee Company here, or come enjoy some with us at Studio688!

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