When I first met Caitlin at a Spark Memphis event, I wasn’t sure if I should be skeptical, awed or insanely jealous.

How could one girl not only be talented in several ways but successful in each endeavor?

So, while jealousy was leading that race, I instead decided to learn from her. Caitlin and I worked together on developing my brand as a writer, and it was fascinating to see how she could not only understand what I do but who I am at the core of my business.

She’s a dynamic creative–an artist, writer and academic. And you’ll be doing yourself a service by reading our insightful chat below.


Studio688: Okay, this may be a hard one, but what creative endeavor are you most proud of?

Caitlin L. Horton: It’s very hard to choose a creative endeavor I’m most proud of because I’m thrilled every time someone gets results from working with me. But if I must choose, some of my more visible projects are also the ones I’m most proud of, mostly because each one is really about collaboration at its core. In these endeavors, my partner and I are really blending our strengths to create something bigger than we could alone. Memphis Type History is a great example of this in that the book and the blog, well, really all of it, came about because of Rebecca’s amazing art and I just got to put some words to it and then sales and marketing when it came time to publish our book. We keep up the blog for fun because we love having that connection to Memphis and each of us will have a different take on a blog post and different areas of interest. When I started working on creating Studio688 with Lisa Mac, it was immediately apparent how different we are. But those differences really helped us create a really laid-back and collaborative coworking space with a really unique energy. I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas we have for continuing to blend our strengths in the future!

688: Alright, spill the beans, what tool do you use the most in your craft?

CLH: As a brand strategist, I’m involved in many different aspects of someone’s business. To think through everything, I really like to use a real pen and paper. I will draw out the connections and thoughts I have in terms of how their branding, design, website, marketing – pretty much everything – could work together. Then I take all that old fashioned style brainstorming into the Creative Suite design software I use for any kind of graphic design or into WordPress for websites. I guess the only other tool I’m using a lot is my phone because I’ve really fallen in love with connecting with folks on Instagram and sharing a bit of behind the scenes with me. I’m @dizzycaitlin if you want to see what I mean!

688: I have a new appreciation for doors after following your Instagram. So, what’s the most recent book you’ve read and enjoyed?

CLH: A recent pick for Muddy’s Book Club (which I can highly recommend to anyone who enjoys good books and amazing baked goods) was The Alchemist. Somehow I had not read it before and it was just… well it was one of those books that is truly an experience to read. It came to me at a very timely moment as I was preparing to move across the world to Shanghai, China. While reading I just tried to soak up as much as the wisdom found in that short story as possible.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.02.22 PM

To check out Caitlin’s travels to China, follow her on Instagram or learn more about her work on her website, caitlinlhorton.com.

Are you a Memphis creative, artist or entrepreneur? We’d love to do a Q&A with you! Send us an email at hello@studio688memphis.com.

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I was born and raised in Mississippi, but as a University of Memphis alum, I claim Memphis roots. I started my first business, Memphis Gold Buyers, at 22 and was hooked to the entrepreneurial life. Now, I'm a freelance writer and spend most days alternating between coffee and wine. If you love dogs, Crossfit and sarcasm, we'll get along just fine.

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