Studio688 member, Brandon Griffin, along with a group of approximately 20 other volunteers, made a short film, and they completed the film in its entirety in just 48 hours.

That’s right. Team Blue Misfits learned they’d be making a drama at 7pm on Friday, August 7th. They wrote, shot, edited, and scored the film and submitted the completed dramatic short a mere 48 hours later, at 7pm on Sunday, August 9th.

Blue Misfits created the film, Drawn from Memory, as part of an annual, international short film competition, The 48 Hour Film Project. Teams in 130 cities, from 6 continents participated in the 48HFP this year. In total, seven films competed for Memphis’ top honor. Memphis’ City Winner would go on to the 48HFP’s annual Filmapalooza in 2016. The top 10 films in the world would then be screened at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.

Here’s a brief, pictorial, behind-the-scenes look at the making of Drawn from Memory.

Stay tuned to the end for a few words from director, Brandon Griffin and crew members, videographer/editor, Philip Murphy and project manager, Caitlin Horton.

Memphis architect, Scott Blake offered up his beautiful, historic Medical District home as the 48HFP’s home base for filming, editing, and scoring. Photo by Andre Bortolini.


Photo by Andre Bortolini


Photo by Andre Bortolini


Nearly all the action took place at this lovely dinner table. Photo by Andre Bortolini


Actress, Leslie Keller running lines. Photo by Andre Bortolini


The cast and videographer, Philip Murphy making art happen. Photo by Andre Bortolini


The cast and crew at work. Photo by Andre Bortolini


One last shot with Philip Murphy and assistant director, Jada Brisentine. Photo by Andre Bortolini


That’s a wrap. Photo by Andre Bortolini


Editing and scoring central. Photo by Andre Bortolini


Sunday morning, the long editing and scoring process begins. Photo by Andre Bortolini


36 hours in, director, Brandon Griffin confers with project manager, Caitlin Horton. Photo by Andre Bortolini


Graphics meister, Chuck Millow hard at work. Chuck and the crew would eventually win “Best Graphics” in the Memphis 48HFP competition. Photo by Andre Bortolini

Well, that’s our photographic tour of the arduous but rewarding process that is the 48 Hour Film Project experience.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “So, how’d Drawn from Memory do in the Memphis competition?” The answer: We didn’t take home the title of City Winner. However, we did take home awards for Best Costumes and Best Graphics.

Members of the crew also took home an appreciation for the experience. Videographer and editor, Philip Murphy said, “What did I take away from the 48HFP experience? Commitment! Whatever role a person had: acting, directing, filming, editing, etc, we were there for 48 hours, win or lose. We committed to our roles and did them fully and to the best of our abilities.”

Project manager, Caitlin Horton’s takeaway: “I really enjoyed being on a team of people with such diverse backgrounds. It was so interesting to see how a very tiny idea became and entire short film through the various perspectives and different talents on the team. 48HFP is a great way to see what the power of positive collaboration can do.”

Director, Brandon Griffin, in his fourth year as a 48HFP director, took away from this experience many great memories and lessons. “The best things about working on the 48?” Working with friends is great. Many members of the team were present in years past. We knew what to expect from one another. The environment is more relaxed.”

Also, says Brandon, “putting a film together is an amazing experience. You have this vision in your head, while the person across from you may have a completely different vision for the same script. It’s fun to collaborate and to bring our collective visions to life, to see your baby blossom into something real.”

Finally, another of Brandon’s favorite things about this process: failing and learning from failures. “If you’re not failing, you’re not learning. Murphy’s Law is right there with you. We made mistakes and we caught them. We all learned something. We learn something every year, and every year we get better.”

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