Now is the time to get out of the home office, stop working all alone at the coffee shop, and take your business to the next level.

Have you ever wanted someone as creative as you to brainstorm with?

Have you ever come up empty looking for talented collaborators for major projects?

Do you feel a bit lonely sometimes?

We were once just like you.

Working alone at our desks. Hoping our ideas were creative enough, without anyone to bounce them off of. Figuring everything out as we went and foregoing the stuff we just couldn’t get off the ground alone.

Then we started working together. In the same room. We chatted about our design work, websites, and branding. We were able to bring our different talents and passions to the table and help each other.

We looked around and realized we’d built a community. And there was plenty of room for others…

Studio688 is a co-working space where every nook and cranny is designed to inspire creative work and creative minds.

We’re a group of like-minded designers, photographers, developers, videographers, marketers, artists (and the list goes on and on) who support each other in growing our freelance businesses.

It’s like working at the best creative agency in town, except you’re still your own boss!

Members enjoy perks unique to the creative community like cool meeting spaces, equipment, event space, and out-of-this-world local coffee. As a member, you’ll play an active role in building Memphis’ first creative co-working space.

Maybe it’s a day where you just want to sit there and hammer something out. Well, there’s your very own desk for that.

But suddenly, you can’t decide which concepts you want to present to your client. Talk through it with another member over a cup of coffee. On a comfy couch, even. Who knows, you may even end up with a new and better concept anyway!

A client wants to meet up and the studio is buzzing with activity. Reserve the conference room table and bring them on in to chat. The energetic environment is sure to rub off on them!

Want to work on videos for your new Youtube channel one day? Let everyone know it’s “quiet on the set,” set up the equipment we’ve got right here for you and film away.

Imagine growing your business through the power of community and collaboration, working alongside the best of the best, and never having to turn down a project outside of your skill set because you didn’t have a talented partner to work with.

We Offer:

  • High-speed internet and access to printers to keep your business running smoothly
  • A full kitchen and bathroom so you can eat healthy and take a run without having to stop back by your own house afterwards
  • Meeting space with large conference table for collaborating with others
  • Comfy lounge area for reading, sipping a hot drink, or talking shop
  • 2,000 square foot event space perfect for teaching a workshop or hosting a special event
  • Treat yourself to carefully selected local coffee
  • Specialty snacks each week to fuel your creativity
  • Motivation and inspiration from creative people with great ideas so you don’t get stuck

As a lite member you can:

  • Pop in and work with us anytime between noon and 6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
  • Attend any Studio688 workshops at no cost
  • Rent the event space at a discounted rate of $45/hour
  • Grow your business and your network with like-minded creatives
Grow your business with us for $150/month!

The full membership rate of $400/month comes with these perks:

  • Dedicated desk space and a mailbox for the pro you are
  • Learn how to take your business to the next level with unlimited access to all Studio688 workshops
  • Daily access to a fully styled photography studio with all the equipment needed to create great images and video
  • Reserve the conference table for client meetings instead of doing the awkward “who gets the check” dance over yet another mediocre lunch
  • Free reservation of event space once a month to teach a workshop or host a special event
  • Access to a discounted rate for additional events ($35/hour)

If you purchased everything available to you at Studio688 for yourself, it’d cost you thousands. And that’s just for the stuff you can actually purchase. The community is pretty priceless.

Yes, $400 a month is a pretty big chunk of change. Studio688 has everything you need to not just run your business, but also to grow it. It’s full of creative people, inspirational areas to work in, a great space to teach workshops in your area of expertise, and the equipment you need to create videos for your website and professionally photograph your products.

Studio688 is perfect for you if…

You’re an artrepreneur, freelancer, or independent consultant ready to grow your business.

You’re a creator ready to stand apart from the status quo.

You’re a community-minded individual who still likes to be their own boss at the end of the day.

Studio688 is NOT for you if…

You’re not interested in doing the hard work to be a successful creative entrepreneur.

You don’t like the idea of collaborating and brainstorming with others.

You’re afraid to share your knowledge.

Studio688 exists to create a community of people who motivate each other to work harder and support each other in becoming more successful creative entrepreneurs.


Fewer than a handful of memberships are available. So if you think having a voice in building Memphis’ first creative co-working space is for you, contact us to take a tour.


What are the requirements for membership?

We interview all potential members to ensure we have a great mix of skills and personalities at Studio688.

Other than that, here are a few basic requirements to get (and keep!) your membership:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be respectful and kind
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Help others and be open to being helped yourself
  • Make thoughtful suggestions on how we can enhance the Studio688 experience
  • Be professional, especially when another member has clients or partners in the building
  • Have fun and do good work
  • Spread the word about the creative community!
How do I pay, how often do I pay, and how long is my contract?

You can pay at the beginning of each month via our secure online invoicing system. Full memberships require a refundable deposit of $100 and a six-month commitment. Lite memberships are a three-month commitment. You must let us know if you want to renew or end your membership 30 days before the end of your contract.

Can I bring a friend/client/collaborator/assistant/kid to work with me?

Yes and no.

If you need to have a meeting with a client, partner, or a project collaborator, by all means bring them by.

If you need to huddle up and work with someone on a project, they should pay our drop-in rate of $25/day. They will have access to the space but not your membership perks.

If you have an assistant who works with you on a regular basis, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate them.

Studio688 doesn’t have much for kids to do, so you probably don’t want to bring them here.

Can I come check out this co-working thing out before I commit?

If you think you might want to be a member but aren’t sure what this whole co-working thing is like, then drop us a line.

What if I just want to work at Studio688 sometimes?

Lite membership is perfect for you! You’ll have access to the co-working space up to three days a week plus our amenities.

If you just want some studio time, you can apply to rent the studio.

Want to check it out for yourself?


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