This week, we had a little email conversation with Memphis singer-songwriter, Mark Edgar Stuart, who performs with Marcella Simien (front-woman of the band, Marcella and Her Lovers), Friday, July 3rd (at 7pm) at Studio688. Tickets available here.

What we now know about Mark: His fat fingers make typing on a smart phone a daily challenge. He loves music and his dog, Joedog. He was “feeling feisty” the day he responded to our questions. Also, in regards to the music he makes, we owe a lot of credit to his dearly departed dad, Lou.

Before you see him live at Studio688, learn a bit about longtime Memphis musician, Mark Edgar Stuart.

Mark Edgar Stuart, photo by Lisa Mac

Mark Edgar Stuart, photo by Lisa Mac

What kind of performer are you?

Sensitive singer-songwriter. Writer of life-ditties – mostly factual, some complete fabrications.

Brief history?

Lived in Memphis for over 20 years. Played music most of that time, mainly as a bass player. Just started writing songs and singing about my feelings a few years ago. Things have gone good so far. Don’t wanna jinx it.


My father. I lost him a few years back. His passing is what inspired me to start singing and writing songs. I grew up in a very musical household in southern Arkansas.

MES and Dad in Chair

Growing up on the arm of his dad Lou’s chair. Photos courtesy of Mark Edgar Stuart.

Dreams and goals?

To acquire a large enough fan base, perhaps the size of an average family in Mexico, to allow me to sustain an okay living playing music. The music biz is a crap shoot, but it’s in my blood. I love it.

Who writes the songs?

Me and the things in the world around me that I find inspiring.

How do you promote stuff?

Facebook, word of mouth, billboards, bathroom walls (“For a good time, etc..”).

Describe your show visually and musically.

I play solo-acoustic and have a fluffy beard.

Marc Edgar Stuart, photo by Amurica

Marc Edgar Stuart, photo by Amurica

A story about a day in your life?

I wake up every morning and work on a song. Then, I play red ball with my beloved Joedog. He’s a boxer/pit mix. He’s not very nice, sometimes a a little hostile toward strangers. He’s all for the removal of the confederate flag. He removed one hanging in my neighbors’ yard just last week and shredded it to pieces. Joedog is a progressive/aggressive dog. I play gigs at night.

What inspires you to do what you do?

It’s in my DNA – the world around me, my father, my dog, and being alive.

Next shows?

I have a big, full-band show at the Levitt Shell on July 26th. I fly to Minnesota next week for the Riversong Folk Festival. Life is good, not bad. Can’t complain.

Marcella and Mark_2

Mark Edgar Stuart with Marcella and Her Lovers’, Marcella Simien, photo by Lisa Mac

Watch the video for Mark Edgar Stuart’s 2013 single, “Remote Control.” Purchase his albums, “Blues for Lou” and “Trinity My Dear” on iTunes.

Finally, of course, catch Mark Edgar with Marcella Simien at Studio688 (688 Cox Street in Midtown Memphis) this Friday, July 3rd at 7pm. Tickets available on Evenbrite.

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