Bluff City Soul Collective is a big band with big talent. Until recently, the Collective, comprised of exceptionally talented, dedicated Memphis musicians from diverse backgrounds, lacked one thing: a strong web presence.

Resident 688 brand strategist, Caitlin Horton, began working with the Collective’s bass player, Christian Underwood, a few months ago. Christian and the rest of the band members wanted to take the band to the next level. They were gaining momentum, recognition, and landing some great gigs. However, without a strong online presence, interested people couldn’t find out much about them.

Together, Caitlin and Christian created a brand strategy for the band. At the core of this strategy is highlighting the band’s quality of musicianship. “The unique aspects of the band, primarily their immense talent and eclectic mix of inspirations and backgrounds, came out during the brand discovery process we went through before starting on the website. Yes, you can have the Collective play at your event, but they’re more than your typical party band. They are some of the most talented musicians in the city.” said Caitlin.

Once Caitlin and Christian identified a clear brand direction, the Collective came to Studio688 to create a promotional video (with our resident videographer, Shelby Wilson). Lisa Mac also took action shots for the band’s new website. Caitlin was there to oversee the process and to see the team capture “the unique musicianship and fresh, young vibe of the Collective.”

So how did this project, which ended up bringing in a whole team of 688’ers, even start? “I was really impressed with Studio688’s display and presentation. I found out Caitlin was the one who did it. Then, I saw some of her other work and quickly made my decision,” said the Collective’s Christian Underwood.

Photographer, Keegan Eyler captured the behind the scenes action. Here’s Keegan’s photographic tour of Bluff City Soul Collective’s day at Studio688..


Shelby filming on set at Studio688. Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Caitlin was all smiles seeing the band come to life as a brand in front of the camera. Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


The Bluff City Soul Collective musicians and singers take a short break. Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Lisa Mac getting the lighting just right for capturing the Collective’s fresh, soulful energy. Photo by Keegan Eyler


Caitlin lights some candles to get the mood just right. Photo by Keegan Eyler


Photo by Keegan Eyler


Bluff City Soul Collective horn section getting down. Photo by Keegan Eyler

So what does Christian have to say about the project now that the band’s new website is live? “What I appreciate most is how Caitlin took my vision, even when it was a little unclear, and brought it to life. The process was very beneficial because it helped me really get an idea of what my goals were. It made me think about those goals more than I had before. I’m most excited about the next step: marketing.”

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